Explore Our Unconscious Biases at Work

Ute Fiedler
Instructor: Ute Fiedler

Our unconscious biases prevent us from understanding the world around us from other perspectives. However, these diverse perspectives are what make decision-making processes more innovative and create more inclusive work environments.

Join us in exploring our unconscious biases in a safe learning space. Even one Aha! moment will make you a better leader.

This workshop explores the challenges of working with people of diverse backgrounds. It empowers you to maneuver complex situations confidently while allowing everyone to bring their full self to work.

Participants will complete an unconscious bias survey online before the course begins. In addition, they will identify their individual interests for growth. Then they will end with their personalized action plan for exploring their unconscious biases at work.

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify automatic biases and increase self-awareness
  • Develop intercultural learning as an essential leadership skill
  • Improve the quality of your decision-making by applying intercultural perspectives
  • Reduce intercultural misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Leverage the advantages of having a diverse workplace
  • Recognize & change systems creating barriers for those from different cultures
  • Reinforce your new understanding with confident, deliberate, and persistent action

Who will benefit:

People who are curious to understand themselves and others for the purpose of better decision-making. Managers and professionals currently working with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds, who want to leverage the competitive advantage of an inclusive workplace.



A lack of awareness of unconscious bias can lead to:

  • Diverse voices not being heard in meetings
  • Talented people left out of your workforce
  • Inadvertently offending a client
  • Becoming less competitive



Awareness of your own unconscious biases and of those evident in your workplace:

  • Being able to run a meeting where every voice is heard
  • Knowing how to improve your recruitment process
  • Attracting diverse clients and employees
  • Becoming more competitive

Participants have said:

“My most powerful and helpful takeaway … was learning about myself and my bias. The visualization exercise was especially eye-opening.”

“I have reflected several times over the last week about your/our discussion around biases – I was really moved by so much of what you shared. All I kept thinking was ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’.”

“Ute was an effective communicator and was full of energy to keep the class engaged.”

“Ute is an awesome instructor!”

“Ute was great and very passionate.”