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“How To” Increase Your Learning

This month I’ve put together a round-up of practical “how to” articles. Internet usage is way up, including blog readership. Many people are taking advantage of this time for learning and developing skills. If you are one of them, these suggestions are for you.

How to Make Learning Stick

Anybody at work is well aware of the constant need to learn new information and new skills. But our ability to make that learning stick is held back by a number of office conditions and mythical beliefs. You can improve your ability to learn. Find out how.

How to Remember Names

Because so many people have difficulty remembering names, your effort will be much appreciated and the people you meet will tend to think you’re caring and intelligent. You will also be improving your ability to use your memory more effectively. Find out how.

How to Change Perfectionistic Thinking

Striving for perfection (which is to strive for something that is impossible to achieve) causes us constant self-criticism, endless hard work, long, long hours, and the feeling that no matter how much we try, what we do is just not good enough. Strive for excellence instead. Find out how.

How to Sleep Well Every Night

Skimping on sleep has a high price. It has been linked to increased risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes, weight gain, and Alzheimer’s. Well-planned strategies are essential to having a deep, restorative sleep you can count on, night after night. Find out how.

Get More Power from Your Brain with
"10 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy"

The information included in this chapter of Get More Power from Your Brain is in order of effectiveness to get and keep your brain as healthy and productive as possible. The most important thing to understand about your brain is that it can continue to grow new neurons and dendrites throughout your life.

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