Enhance Your Brain Power at Work

Eileen Pease
Instructor: Eileen Pease

Our minds – how we regulate the flow of energy and information – can actually improve our brains.

This course is based on rigorous science and will help you become more effective on a daily basis. You can build your mental resilience to cope with workplace pressures. You will be able to enhance your leadership skills, welcome challenges, and enjoy your increased effectiveness.

The strategies in this workshop will help you protect yourself from burnout and enjoy using your powerful mind.

Program Content:

● Get crystal clear about your priorities
● Concentrate completely and resist distractions
● Understand your memory and work with it more effectively
● Convert stress into challenge and opportunity
● Take a more rational approach to multi-tasking
● Know what causes brain aging and how to slow that process
● Listen actively, reduce conflict, and improve relationships
● Develop better habits – neurons that fire together, wire together


Who Will Benefit:

Managers and professionals who want to get the most value from their powerful brains. Those who want to get the most worth from their experience and their education. Anyone who wants to give their brain a boost.



Not knowing how to Enhance Brain Power leads to:

  • Using a To Do list which is too long
  • Believing that multitasking is a good strategy
  • Having difficulty concentrating and staying engaged
  • Not knowing how to support one’s memory
  • Finding difficult people and events very stressful


Knowing how to Enhance Brain Power leads to:

  • Using an effective way to prioritize To Do’s
  • Knowing that multitasking leads to more mistakes
  • Being able to laser-focus attention and sustain concentration
  • Maintain a potent memory support system
  • Coping with difficulties without stress

“I absolutely loved the information…the manual was filled with easy-to-read info. The hands-on examples during the very interactive workshop were so helpful! Eileen kept the workshop rolling along on time and was always willing to answer questions from the participants. She went above and beyond to give us her extra personal time at breaks or after sessions to continue answering our questions. A highly practical workshop indeed! Eileen also offered many additional links and books and helpful websites to the participants.”
– Vicky Faught, CPA, Ontario