Dealing with Difficult People

Eileen Pease
Instructor: Eileen Pease

What makes it possible to deal with difficult people at all is that, like everybody else, they have positive responses in their repertoire. You can learn how to bring out the best in people when they are at their worst. And you can structure the interaction to encourage his or her positive, more productive responses. You can improve your ability to get along and get things done when you are dealing with people who have an uncanny ability to frustrate you.

After this course, you will see difficult people as an interesting challenge and an opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal skills.

Program Content:

● Recognize underlying causes of conflict
● Handle the triggers which get you upset
● Tackle manipulative behaviour without being manipulated
● Listen fully to understand from the speaker’s point of view while you stay in control
● Ask the questions which will uncover possible solutions
● Identify shared interests and differing interests
● Problem-solve using time tested strategies
● Develop the negotiation skills that work best for you

Who Will Benefit:

Managers and professionals who want to improve their leadership skills. Anyone who interacts with a variety of people in different situations, and who wants to further enhance their interpersonal effectiveness. Anyone who has a difficult person in their life who seems immune to attempts to get along.

I like that the instructor ‘tells it like it is’ and offers no false expectations. She helps us realize that change starts from within and to understand what aspects of life we actually have control over.
Easy to apply tips and tricks for dealing with real life scenarios.
It focussed on communication and overcoming issues which I think is important.
– Evaluations by participants in course offered by CPA Nova Scotia Febuary 2015