Audio Talks

This series of 5 talks, between 4 and 7 minutes long, has been edited from an interview I did with Jon Tota of Learning Life radio talks. I suggest you listen to #1 first, followed by #2, and so on, as the later ones may refer to something said in the earlier ones.

Each one begins with the same phrase: Your Brain loves habits but it loves the habits it already has. It doesn’t like you changing habits.

1. The Science of Your Brain talks about your automatic brain and your executive brain and a little bit about rational thinking – 5 minutes

2. Managing our Brain talks about how you might change some thinking habits and introduces the concept of Tiny Habits created by BJ Fogg – 5.24 minutes

3. How to Re-energize Your Brain talks about working effectively with your executive brain and explains how to change a habit one tiny step at a time - 7.50 minutes

4. Changing Habits talks about the ABC’s of habit change – 3.54 minutes

5. Coping with Depression talks about the challenge of helping yourself when you are depressed. If you are fortunate enough to have never been depressed, listening to this would be helpful if you have a friend or relative who may be having an episode of depression – 7.56 minutes